The American Lunar Society

The American Lunar Society is dedicated to the study of Earth's moon.  Members receive the quarterly journal Selenology which includes results of members' projects and examinations of historical and current scientific research.

Archive Science articles previously published in Selenology: Journal of the American Lunar Society on a variety of lunar features


Joining the American Lunar Society is simple.

Our only requirement is that you are interested in lunar

observation or studies. Once a member, you will

receive our print journal, Selenology (published 3-4 times

a year). To become a member, mail a letter to the

address below with a check for

$15 US (for all countries). Please make

check payable to: American Lunar Society. Please include

both your email and snail-mail address.


Andrew Martin, SFO

722 Mapleton Rd.

Rockville, MD 20850


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Projects and Equipment This is a page of practical information.  In it you will find articles written by seasoned observers, suggesting the best equipment for lunar observing.  You will find projects that are grade specific for classroom and children.  If you are a parent, please pass this website on to your child's science teacher. Educating youth in the science of astronomy is a top priority at the ALS. 

Articles On these pages you will find articles about the moon.  These vary from simple to complex, and cover subjects ranging from lunar geology to theories about the moon's origin.