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The ALS Certificate Program

The project was designed by Bruce Kelsey, and is appropriate for students in the middle school age group (grades 6-8). However, with teacher help, these projects will also work well for fifth grade students.

To become a Lunar Navigator, you must learn about the3 major landmarks on the moon and where they are located.

To qualify for this Certificate, you must be able to identify lunar craters, "seas", and "mountain ranges" on a map.  You will also observe some of these features and submit drawings of your observations to the ALS.  (The best drawings may even appear in the ALS journal Selenology!)

To qualify for a Navigator Certificate, complete the study and observation exercises below.  There are three sections: Lunar Features, Lunar Maps, and Applying for the Certificate.  Click on each section title to begin that section.

Lunar Features

Lunar Maps

Applying for the Certificate